Rocawear Logo : The Creation of an iconic brand

"Jay-Z is on fire right now... suppose we make the logo like flame."


The Problem

In fall of 1996, Russian business mogul, Alex Bize approached Kinake Group with the task of developing a brand for a new clothing line. Hip-Hop star, Jay-Z and manager Damon Dash would be representing the brand.

The Solution

"Jay-Z is on fire right now!" - Ray Acosta This statement led to iteration after iteration of the fiery “RW” that would become synonymous with one of the most widely recognized urban clothing lines in the world.

The Results

Despite having monstrous competition in the segment including Fubu and Phat Pharm, Rocawear would prove to be a top contender and ultimately a leader in urban clothing. The Rocawear logo is the face of a $700 million dollar fashion line, further solidifying fashion and music as laterally synergizing industries.

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