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Here's the good news. We offer a myriad of services and make it easy as a one-stop shop for all marketing, advertising, and PR solutions. What this means for our clients is ease of communication - streamlining processes that can quickly become too cumbersome and confusing when multiple agencies are involved.

The only agency you need.

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing is Word of Mouth on steroids.

If you want to be competitive in today’s digital landscape, social media marketing is crucial to your 360 marketing plan.


We are content creators that know good content when we see it. We can produce and supply for your own internal libraries as well as work with our own network of influencers to make the most of influencer marketing for your brand.


We custom tailor your reports to be as comprehensive or granular as you desire, utilizing an integrative approach that combines both traditional data analysis tactics with the most advanced and robust software packages available.


Social platforms are constantly updating their technology as well as their EULAs. We’ll make sure your profiles and content are always aligned with the updates to ensure posts perform to their potential.

Influencer Marketing

Kinake Group prides itself on its network of influencers encompassing micro-influencers to celebrity level content kings and queens. They’re ready and willing to become social ambassadors for your brand to enhance and authenticate all B2C communications.

Music Production and Artist Development

In addition to a multitude of various marketing and branding capabilities, Kinake Group offers an extensive music production and artist development department led by multi-platinum and Emmy Award winning producer — JKEY, and renowned award-winning international DJ — DJ Vikingo. Together, these two behemoths of the music industry, offer top-shelf quality in custom music, artist development, and an array of music services from recording, mixing, and writing to full service music production. With Kinake Group, you own all pieces of content down to the background music for a truly custom and original experience. Say goodbye to stock content.

Web Development

We transform user expereiences through your brands entire digital ecosystem.

In today’s digital age, social media may be the hot topic in marketing, but the website is your foundation. Without a well functioning and responsive website that is easy to navigate and is up to date with the latest technologies, the website will underperform and be penalized when it comes to search ranking.


In today's society - mobile is everything! If your website is not mobile-first you are missing out on potential clients.


We discuss the goals and priority of your project and recommend a technology stack that will grow with you. Being software agnostic allows us to recommend the best solution for YOU.

Search Engine Optimization

It's not enough to have a great looking, speedy website. You also need to make sure your content is structured in a significant way. This will allow your organic search results reach to exceed expectations.


For All On And Offline Needs

We offer a full range of services that will only serve to strengthen marketing efforts further and get you closer to your goals.

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